Take Part in a Campaign

The Fondation Chats Canada Cats Foundation is launching an appeal to Canadians today, because the statistics are alarming: it is estimated that nearly 1.5 million cats living outside without homes, 700,000 cats that will be euthanized for convenience, because the owners do not have the resources or because the veterinarians do not have effective medication or treatment to care for the animal. Not to mention the multitude of inconsistencies in public policies, often forcing them to abandon, because there are no reliable studies to guide the leaders.

The Foundation is best placed to be able to respond to the growing requests for solutions. But to do this, she needs your support. This is why the Foundation is looking for 100 new monthly donors by April 30, 2021, for its major 2020-2021 campaign.

Organize a Fundraising Event

 Organize a fundraising activity according to your interests and become an ally of the Canadian feline world. Thanks to your generosity and that of all those who will join you, we will find the answers together.
There is no small or large fundraising activity. No matter how small, all actions count to support the cause.
Get involved by carrying out your fundraising project!

Become a Volunteer

Do you want to contribute to the cause of research by giving time? It is possible, the Foundation is looking for volunteers to help it during events.

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Become a Partner

 Our partners are involved in various ways, either by cash donations, sponsorships for benefit activities or goods and services, the organization of community initiatives for the benefit of the Foundation (golf tournaments, jeans day, challenge sports, etc.). A company can also give us a percentage of the profits generated from the sale of a product.
Whatever the way, becoming a partner of the Foundation is encouraging and promoting the spirit of mutual aid among your employees, your customers and associating your company with an important cause, that of supporting research in order to improve animal welfare.

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