Our Mission

  • We support and help fund the research and broadcast it's scientific actions on domestic cats and their hybrids throughout Canada.  
  • We finance institutions researchers and students to accomplish their project and studies. 
  • We participate in developments of the scientific growth in the diligent world of cats.

Where do you donation go?

With your donation, you support research and scientific dissemination actions on domestic cats (Felis silverstris catus) and their hybrids in Canada and you contribute to the realization of priority projects of researchers.

You thus participate in the advancement of scientific culture in the fields of companion animals and allow the various actors to have access to fair and quality information concerning the feline species.

This is our vision, this is what drives us at the Fondation Chats Canada Cats Foundation. This is what you are helping to make possible with your donation!


Donors, Sponsors & Partners

Board of directors


Ms. Nicole Châteauvert


Mr. Francis Flamand

Non-voting Member - Chats Canada Cats Representative

Ms. Caroline Gamache