Make a donation

Make a donation


In seconds, you will offer hope for thousands of Canadian cats and their owners.

We would appreciate a contribution to our major campaign through the GoFundMe platform.

Thank you in advance !

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Make a donation in memory of an unforgettable cat

  Losing a family member is never easy.
You wish to make a donation for research in memory of your beloved cat, it is possible.
Do not hesitate to leave us its name and history in the comments when you make your donation.

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Donation by bequest

 A bequest is one of the simplest and easiest ways of planning a  donation. Once you have ensured that your family and loved ones have  been taken care of, you can choose to leave a portion of your estate to  the Quebec Cancer Foundation by including us in your will. 

There are several ways of making a bequest: 

  • the specific bequest (a specific amount or a specified asset);
  • the residual bequest (all or a percentage of the remainder of the estate after the payment of debts and specific bequests);
  • the universal bequest (all of the assets, sometimes divided among many beneficiaries);
  • the designation of a charity as beneficiary of an RRSP, a pension fund or a life insurance policy.

In each case, a tax receipt will be issued for the purposes of the  donor’s final tax return, following his death. The tax benefits from  charitable bequests can dramatically reduce the taxes to be paid out by  the estate.  

Ready to make a bequest now? 

Download this document and bring it with you when you meet the notary.